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Conference Venue
PIERS will be held in Marrakresh at MANSOUR EDDAHBI Hotel & Conference Center (5-stars). Marrakesh is located in the south of Morroco upon the fertile Haouz Plain at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh is the fourth of Morocco's Imperial Cities. Founded in 1062 as the capital of the Almoravide dynasty, it continued in the 12 century as capital of the Almohades.  Historically, Marrakesh is known as an intellectual and commercial centre with lavish buildings and splendid gardens.  The ancient ramparts and gates of the city are monuments to the city's medieval pre-eminence.

Marrakesh is a genuinely Islamic city in both its genesis and traditions.  The modern city was constructed in 1913 during the French occupation of the country and reflects the European influence. But the essence of the city remains the same.

Marrakesh is also renowned for its traditional restaurants, popular eateries, and open-air restaurants in Jamaa El-Fna Square, which has become one of the world’s largest open-air food venues. Don’t miss couscous or tasting some of the most delicious and varied types of "Tajines".

Nightlife in Marrakesh is bright and lively: Several places offer visitors full-fledged dinner shows and entertainment. For a romantic tour of Marrakesh, take a horse drawn carriage around the city at sunset.

For more information on Marrakesh, please visit this site.

Every moment in Marrakesh is rich in mystic and exotic charms. A delicious drop of mint tea, the snowcapped peaks of the Atlas mountains, the muezzin’s call from the minaret, is an adventure so captivating that it seems, at times, part fantasy...


The main international airport in Morocco is the airport of Casablanca MOHAMMED V. Casablanca has direct connections to major European cities (e.g., Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Brussels, Frankfurt, Lisbon, London, Lyon, Madrid, Marseilles, Moscow, Nice, Paris, Rome, Strasbourg, Toulouse) and elsewhere (e.g., Johannesburg, Montreal, New York). Marrakech can be reached by plane from Casablanca (one hour) or by train. There are also direct flights to Marrakesh (including charters) from several major European cities. 
There are also frequent and comfortable trains to Casablanca.


A visa is required for citizens of some countries. However, nationals from most EU countries, USA, etc. do not need a visa. For further informations please see this site. For the list of Embassies & Consulates of Morocco arround the world, follow this link.


Non-Moroccan visitors arriving in Morocco are required to be in possession of a passport valid for at least 6 months from date of entry.

Note: (a) Children up to and including 16 years may travel on their parents' passport, but must have photographs included in these passports by the relevant authorities. (b) All temporary travel document holders need to get clearance from Moroccan
authorities and this may take up to 2 months. Apply at nearest Consulate or Consular Section of Embassy for further details.


The climate varies from region to region. On the coasts, the winter is mild and humid, the summer is hot. Inland, contrasts are greater. Weather in Marrakech is pleasent at this time of the year (March). Temperature ranges between 12 C and 25 C.


The national currency is the Dirham. One US dollar is approximatly equivalent to 8 MAD, one Euro to 11MAD For actual rates, please click here. Traveller’s checks and credit cards are also accepted and money can be withdrawn with credit cards at banks or directly at automatic teller machines. Credit cards are generally accepted in upscale hotels, boutiques, restaurants and other shops.

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