Our job is to ensure that all aspects of your event are orchestrated to your utmost satisfaction and to the highest satisfaction of the event attendees as well.

For this reason, we manage each and every project with a core team of seasoned professionals.

All projects are led by a Project Manager, who oversees every aspect of the project, from choosing materials to assigning employees to specific tasks. The Project Manager's role is to coordinate all the relevant services that will make your conference/event a success.

Our broad spectrum of services includes:

  • Promotion & Marketing
  • Graphic Design & Printing
  • Exhibition management
  • Fund-raising
  • On-line registration
  • Congress venue selection
  • Comprehensive travel services
  • Accommodations
  • Social events
  • Technical arrangements
  • On-site Personnel & Management
  • Budget management
  • Legal advice and protection

We are especially proud of our flexibility and capabilities that enable us to adapt our resources to all of your exact requirements