About Us


"Destinations are now very competitive whether that's for tourism, for conferences, for all kinds of people that are looking for opportunities even just transiting air craft", Tony Davis

With over 10 years of experience, DirectEvent specializes in managing international conference of all sizes – From 20 to 2,000  attendees! We are proud to serve a wide range of high-profile clients across the globe.

Our innovative and resourceful approach to event management, coupled with our detailed expertise in numerous industry sectors – including scientific and medical conferences - has secured our status as a premier conference  and event organizer in the region.

We continuously strive to expand our superior level of excellence. From our state of the art technology infrastructure, to our most important asset - our team of qualified professionals – we make every effort to ensure that we are prepared to deal with our clients’ every need.

Our track record speaks for itself,
the following are just a few examples of the successful meetings we have been running in the last few years:

Metamaterials for Secure Information and Communication Technologies

7-10 May, 2008, Marrakesh - Morocco


Website: http://meta.lgep.supelec.fr

Number of participants: 320


META'10, 2nd International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystal and Plasmonics

22-25 February, 2010, Cairo - Egypt


Website: http://meta10.lgep.supelec.fr
Number of participants: 440


PIERS 2011, Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium

20-23 March, 2011, Marrakesh - Morocco

Website: http://piers.org/piers2011Marrakesh
Number of participants: 710